ALAS IBERIA has an extensive network of commercial partners thanks to which our products are distributed around the world. Aware of the importance of being next to our partners wherever they need it, we continually work on various projects to expand our international presence and continue conquering new horizons together with our clients and suppliers.

Continuous improvement in the functioning of the organization is part of our business culture which, together with the financial results that provide value to our shareholders, complement the fundamental axis of our daily management. We remain at the forefront with the best technology in R&D&I, committed to the safety of our employees in their work environment.

100% committed to our philosophy and company objectives

ALAS IBERIA has a firm commitment to the environment, committing ourselves to carrying out awareness-raising actions focused on reducing the impact of our activity on the environment, limiting the ecological impact with preventive and corrective measures in production processes, as well as involving all staff in improving the environment.