In November 2013, the company ALAS ALUMINUM, which had been developing its activity of design, manufacturing and marketing of aluminum profiles between 2002 and 2011, became ALAS IBERIA after being acquired by a multinational group. The incorporation of ALAS into a multinational group present in Europe constitutes the opportunity for economic development and financial support that allows it to address the challenges of supplying aluminum profiles for the industry in the markets of Europe, North America, Africa and South America.

ALAS IBERIA was born with innovative ideas to take on new future challenges in the current market for extrusion aluminum profiles, with a company policy and objectives that place special emphasis on respect and care for the environment, the training and safety of people and quality understood globally.

Integrity and transparency, courage and commitment, solidarity and citizenship, and respect are the basic pillars of our fundamental organizational values, and the root of our business growth and success.

We adapt with great flexibility to the specific needs of the most demanding sectors.

We adapt with great flexibility to the specific needs of the most demanding sectors.

The starting point is a rigorous analysis of all the requirements to offer a personalized and “tailored” response, which is at the same time the most profitable and effective solution, manufacturing top quality products for:

  • ARQUITECTURA. Through the ALAS series, which represent an innovation in the field of enclosures, windows, doors and facades.
  • INDUSTRY. Structural profiles, robotics, lighting, decoration, energy, …
  • TRANSPORT. Bodywork, automotive, aviation, railway, …