ALAS 72, new minimalist lifting slide

ALAS IBERIA launches ALAS 72 on the market, a new in-line lift-and-slide window system, with a lighter and more minimalist aesthetic.

The frame has a very low height of 45 mm, and is composed of aluminum semi-profiles assembled with 30 mm polyamide bars (PA 66 GF25), making a total width of 119 mm.

The leaves have a total height of 72 mm, which allows for very reduced visible aluminum and generates a great perception of lightness. The leaf has a total width of 49 mm and is composed of 2 aluminum semi-profiles assembled using 16 mm polyamide bars (PA 66 GF25).

Frame and leaves are assembled perimeter using double locking brackets, which gives great rigidity and stability to the whole.

The central crossing of the leaves can be of a minimalist type, with an exposed aluminum of only 30 mm, not common in this type of lift-and-slide.

The system allows the manufacture of lift-and-slide windows with 2 to 6 leaves, with a weight per leaf of 250 to 400 kg and a maximum glazing of up to 36 mm glass thickness.

It is also possible to manufacture with the same profile system, in-line sliding (with conventional non-elevating bearings), and with a multi-point closing accessory, with a weight per leaf of 200 to 250 kg.

The design follows current minimalist and straight design trends, allowing for the manufacture of lift-and-slide type windows, with a minimum of visible aluminum.

This sliding window has achieved an exceptional class 4 air permeability (similar to that of casement windows), which will result in almost no air leaks through the window, allowing you to take advantage of and maximize the acoustic insulation offered by the window. glass that incorporates in the manufacture of the window.

The special design of the central channel of the frame, individual for each leaf, as well as the PVC and polyamide profiles that make up the system’s thermal break, allow thermal insulation values ​​to be achieved Uf = 3.1 W/m2°k, which It involves manufacturing large sliding windows (up to 3 x 6.8 m. HxL for a 2-pane window) with an overall window insulation of Uw ≥ 1 W/m2°k (depending on window size and glass configuration).

The system is now available with 1, 2 and 3-rail frames, central leaf closing solutions (percussion) and 90º corner closing. Solutions are also available to make Galandage type sliding doors (sliding leaf on a wall chamber).

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