ALAS INFINITY, Laminated safety glass railing

ALAS IBERIA launches a new glass railing system called ALAS INFINITY, for the creation of railings with laminated safety glass.

The system uses a specifically designed aluminum profile to support the glass, measuring 57×121.5 mm, made of 6060 T6 aluminum alloy, and which allows the glass to be fixed, by means of its own embedding in the profile through the mounting system. nylon wedges, support PVC profile and EPDM gaskets, which immobilize it. In turn, the aluminum support profile can be fixed on a concrete base (normally of quality 25/30 or higher), using hexagonal head steel anchors, equally spaced depending on the load to be supported indicated by the category of use established by the CTE.

The system is designed to comply with the Technical Building Code (CTE), and is certified for the following categories of use (according to DB SE-AE standard, section 3.2; Actions on railings and dividing elements): A1-A2-C1- C2-C3-C4-D1-D2-E-F-G1-G2, which can be installed both in the “on slab” position and in the “edge of the slab” position.
The system allows the use of 4 types of laminated safety glass: 8+8.2, 8+8.4, 10+10.2, 10+10.4, and the glazing is carried out using glass wedges (specific for each type of glass), and EPDM gaskets , interior and exterior.

New railing with laminated safety glass
with great constructive
and aesthetic advantages

New railing with laminated safety glass with great constructive and aesthetic advantages

The glass can be finished off at the top, if desired, with the installation of square or round design handrails.
The main advantages of this system, compared to those existing on the market are:

  • Optimized aluminum support profile design (with chambers), allowing for competitive weight.
  • The same aluminum support profile is used for installation both: “on the slab” and “on the edge of the slab”.
  • Use of “conventional” anchors (widely available on the market) in steel with M10x110 mm hexagonal head, which allow easier installation and greater tightening torque.
  • Fewer anchors per meter than other similar systems.
  • Machined in support profile, easy to make: Ø14 and 28 mm drills.

All of this results in a lower material cost per meter and a shorter installation time, compared to other similar systems available on the market.

Currently, the ALAS INFINITY system is already available on the market and the completely machined support profiles are supplied (depending on the category of use and the type of application), in 6 m bars.

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